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Tongue Tie

Dr Luke Bookallil performs Frenulotomy for tongue tie in Coffs Harbour and Armidale.

Tongue Tie is not uncommon and may be the cause of poor breastfeeding and mother’s painful nipples. Quoted figures regarding the incidence of tongue tie range from 3-11% of all babies. It occurs more commonly in boys than girls and may run in families.


Tongue tie is a congenital condition, recognised by an unusually thickened, tightened or shortened frenulum, which limits movement of the tongue in activities connected with feeding and which has an adverse impact on both dental health and speech. (Carmen Fernando, Tongue Tie from confusion to clarity 1998)


Potential Problems



Dental decay


Frenulotomy is performed by simply cutting the tongue frenulum and is best performed as soon as possible. Dr Luke will generally perform the procedure up to 4 months of age, but the younger the better. Tongue ties in older children may be corrected by laser (ask your dentist) or under anaesthetic (ENT surgeon).

Above: Tongue Tie

Above: Immediately after frenulotomy with a drop of blood.


Consider tongue tie in mother/baby with feeding problems

Frenulotomy should be offered for feeding problems as simple, safe and effective

Consider frenulotomy in any baby with significant tongue tie regardless of feeding problems to decrease incidence of speech and dental problems.

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